Kitchen Cabinet Doors

What everyone already knows that cabinets do make big style statements. So, every part of the cabinets are visually significant including the kitchen cabinet doors. This is the reason why you should choose the right and the best doors design to beautifully complement the cabinet design.

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Unfortunately, some people do not pay enough attention to the doors because they do not think highly of the doors. But, you should not be one of them because with the right doors, you cabinets’ look and kitchen appearance will be transformed.

In terms of choosing the right doors, there are 3 different types you should know. Each type has particular appeared. The inset cabinet door for instance comes with small hinges that are mounted on the face frame. Usually, the hinges are visible when the doors are shut.

This type represents the traditional look from early 1900s cabinets. Yet, this design is still very popular nowadays. In fact, it has a more expensive price than other doors types. However, this type has disadvantage because it reduces the space inside the cabinet.

The second type known as partial overlay cabinet door represents a modern update from the inset door. It is mounted over the box’s face covering the finished face frame and the opening. This door allows more functional hardware installation. Just like the inset door, this door type also reduces the space inside the cabinet. The third type is a Euro-style door or full overall door. It is known as the most modern cabinet door with full overall. It means that the door completely overlays the box.

Therefore, it doesn’t only cover the opening but also the entire box’s face. As a result, no face frame is visible with the doors closed. This door type creates a continuous and consistent appearance allowing for more storage inside the cabinet. However, these kitchen cabinet doors do require professional assistance for installation.