Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Have you been looking for the right kitchen cabinet knobs? Actually, when it comes to cabinet knobs, you cannot take it lightly. Although it seems like a mundane hardware, but it has one important purpose. It delivers particular function to open and close the cupboards.

So, it does have significant function that you should always remember. But to find the right knobs, there is also another thing to consider. It is related to the knobs’ style and design. Of course, you certainly want to choose the right knobs to complement the existing kitchen and cabinet design. With hundreds of different styles, you do have a lot of opportunity.

However, more styles can also mean a more complicated job to handle because it will be harder for you to decide which knob you should choose. Nice looking knobs are not always the right knobs because you have to consider its functionality.

For a start, you have to consider the material used to make the knob. At least, high quality material guarantees better durability and more solidly built. In this case, go for high quality metal for your chosen material. Although it may cost you more, but the quality is worth every cent you pay for it.

Do you know how much replacing the knobs cost? Well, let’s find out the number here. Usually, each cabinet knob costs around $1 to $300 depending on your budget. For instance, if you choose the $10 kitchen cabinet knobs, you should pay the total cost as much as $400 for medium sized kitchen with averagely 40 cabinet doors. But the cost will be higher for the big sized kitchen. It can reach as much as $700 with around 70 kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. The cost doesn’t include the installation cost you have to pay because you need professional service.